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Conference for students and young scholars: Mongolia in Northeast Asia: Historical Ties and Modern Challenges

Lomonosov Moscow State University Institute of Asian and African Studies invite to participate in the conference for students and young scholars “Mongolia in Northeast Asia: Historical Ties and Modern Challenges” which will be held on February 18-19, 2021.

Throughout history, the Mongols played an important role in the socio-political, economic and cultural processes in Asia. Modern Mongolia positions itself as an active participant in international affairs. According to the topic of the conference we would like to focus on the processes of interaction and mutual influence. Based on an interdisciplinary approach, we propose to combine the efforts of young scholars from related research areas and consider the region in all its complexity and diversity.

The chronology of the conference covers both historical and contemporary issues. Students and young scholars specializing in history, languages, literature, religion, folklore, ethnology, politics and economics of Mongolia and neighboring countries are invited to participate.

The main subjects of the conference:

  •  100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Mongolia (November 5, 1921);
  •  Mongolian-Russian and Mongolian-Chinese relations;
  •  Mongolia-Korean and Mongolian-Japanese relations;
  •  Religious (Buddhist, Christian) networks in the region;
  •  Historical ties between Mongolia, Tibet and Russia;
  •  Linguistic, literary and folklore parallels and influences;
  •  Source studies of the countries of Northeast Asia region;
  •  Interregional cooperation and the role of international organizations;
  •  Mongolian nations and diasporas;

Within the framework of the conference, it is planned to conduct lectures, master classes and a roundtable discussion.

To participate in the conference:

Please send an application, the title of the report and abstracts (up to 500 words) by January 18,

2021 on this e-mail address:

The organizing committee has a right to reject materials that do not correspond to the specified

topic or were sent after the specified period.

Working languages: Russian and English.

Financial conditions: Participation in the conference is free. Payment for travel is carried out at
the expense of the conference participants. If the conference is held in person, accommodation in
the dormitory of the Moscow State University is possible.
Time limit for the main speech — up to 10 minutes, in the debate — 5 minutes. If you need
technical support, please indicate this in the application. Abstracts and materials of the
conference will be published.
Venue: Lomonosov Moscow State University Institute of Asian and African Studies (Moscow,
Mokhovaya st., 11/1).
Depending on the epidemiological situation, it is possible to hold a conference on the Zoom

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