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[ conference ] The Mongols: Tradition and Modernity

III International Multidisciplinary Conference — The Mongols: Tradition and Modernity

Mongolian communities and their neighbours facing global and local challenges: Strategies, responses, perspectives
March 24-25, 2023
University of Tartu, Estonia
Organisers: University of Tartu, National University of Mongolia
This time our conference discusses topics relating to Mongolian peoples and their neighbours in various situations of challenge caused by natural, cultural, social, and political circumstances. We would like to bring a broad approach to the discussion, based on diverse historical and contemporary perspectives on the geographical regions where Mongolian communities live and have lived. The focus of the discussion will be on local and global challenges and choices. We encourage you to look at the specific strategies used in dealing with various concerns, complicated configurations, and processes. The conference will give the opportunity to talk about outcomes of, and perspectives on, individual, group and national responses. We will also offer reflections on languages, oral and written narratives, religious practices, ethnic and communal identities, national and political ideologies, migrations, cultural movements, popular trends, etc.
As an overall framework for these regular conference we take ‘tradition’ in the fullest possible sense of linguistic and research meanings (traditions old and new, ‘invented’ and ‘original’, ongoing and intermittent, individual and collective, as found within diverse spheres of life including historical, cultural, folk, religious, social, political and other dimensions). ‘Modernity’ is also to be understood broadly, embracing a variety of challenges to contemporary societies and cultures.
We expect participants to give presentations that draw on the fields of anthropology, folklore studies, religious studies, history, literature, linguistics, social and political studies and cross-disciplinary research focused on the Mongolian peoples and their neighbours (i.e. historically close peoples – Turkic peoples, Tibetans and others – as well as those who represent the modern local societies of the Mongolian diaspora).
This conference represents a small tradition of academic meetings devoted to Mongolian studies that began in 2016. It is hoped that this conference will continue to be a regular fixture for researchers interested in various aspects of Mongolian culture from a variety of countries. The event aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge on new ideas, current concerns and topical themes, approaches and projects, and research practice, as well as coordinating future plans in our professional communities.
This conference has the additional happy occasion of sharing and celebrating with honoured colleagues and dear friends the establishment of the Mongolian Studies Laboratory at the University of Tartu.
Conference fee: 50 euro (for coffee breaks and prepared printed material).
The deadline for submission of applications and abstracts (250-300 words) is February 1, 2023, using e-mail:
The conference will be hold in hybrid form (with on-line sessions), participation in-person is preferable.
Working languages: English

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