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[Конференции] 16th IATS Seminar 2022

16th IATS Seminar. Prague, Czech Republic, July 3–10, 2022

Following the 15th Seminar, hosted in a charming environment of grace, delicate cheese, and fine wine, we are proud to announce that the 16th IATS Seminar will be marked by earthiness, meat, and beer. The IATS yak will gallop to the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic, and will honour us with its presence in Prague on July 3–10, 2022 at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University.

The Seminar will be organized jointly by the Faculty of Arts, Charles University and the Oriental Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences. The convenors are Daniel Berounský (Faculty of Arts) and Jarmila Ptáčková (Oriental Institute).

The call for abstracts and panels will be announced early in 2021, including detailed information regarding the submission of proposals, registration, accommodation options, and the conference fee. IATS attendees will be responsible for their own transportation and housing costs.

Welcome to Prague!

Vítejte v Praze!

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