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The Buddha’s Words: International Conference on the Study of the Mongolian Kanjur

International Conference on the Study of the Mongolian KanjurJuly 20–21, 2017, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Given the distinguished role the Kanjur plays in Mongolia’s past and modern culture, the conference aims to provide a unique opportunity for an overview of the contemporary study on the Mongolian Kanjur. The forum aims to present academic papers on the Mongolian Kanjur in accordance with specific research interests. Presentations can cover any aspect of study including history, versions, colophons, catalogues, the vocabulary of the Mongolian Kanjur, the interpretation of Buddha’s words through individual texts, rituals related to the Kanjur, on-going research projects, and other relevant topics. The articles will be published in November 2017. 

Conference venue: Mongolian Academy of Sciences,

Conference languages: Mongolian, English
Organized by Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Institute of History and Archaeology, International Association for Mongol Studies
Co-organizers: National Library of Mongolia, Ganden Tegchenling Monastery, The Centre of Mongolian Buddhists, Education and Cultural Institute Choijin Lama Temple Museum.

No participation fee. The organizers will provide accommodation for 19-21 July and meals during the conference.

Please register by January 31, 2017 by sending your name, affiliation, the title of your paper and an abstract in 250 words to Krisztina Teleki (krisztinateleki at

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