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Архив за месяц: Октябрь 2016

Mongolian Buddhism in Practice

buddhapestThe international workshop “Mongolian  Buddhism in Practice”, 24–25 April, 2017 at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Budapest, Hungary.

The workshop is organized by different institutes of Eötvös Loránd University (Department of Mongol and Inner Asian Studies, Research Centre for Mongol Studies, Budapest Center of Buddhist Studies), the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Research Centre for Humanities, Institute of Ethnology), and the Embassy of Mongolia in Hungary.
Following the success of the workshop “Mongolian Buddhism: Past, Present and Future” in April 2015, the second international forum “Mongolian Buddhism in Practice” is planned for 24–25 April, 2017 in Budapest. This forum is for scholars and monks to present their work on different aspects of Mongolian Buddhist practice. In accordance with speakers’ own specific research interests, presentations can cover any aspect of Mongolian Buddhism and Buddhicised folk religion including monastic life, education, rites, religious texts, chanting, contemplation, the cult of objects of worship, connections with nature, devotees, other religions, and any other approaches of old and contemporary practices.
The workshop will focus not only on the Buddhism of Mongols living in the present area of
Mongolia, but will cross the border to the beliefs and practices of Mongols living in China, Russia or other places in the diaspora. The distinctiveness of Mongolian Buddhism in practice will be revealed through presentations and round-table discussions. The academic papers will be published in DVD and book format. Читать далее

Россия – Монголия: история, вызовы XXI века, перспективы (конференция)

Россия – Монголия: история, вызовы XXI века, перспективы.
Международная научная конференция, 13–14 октября 2016, Москва.

Место проведения конференции: Зал Ученых советов ИВ РАН, (Москва, ул. Рождественка, д.12, 3 эт.)

Программа конференции на русском и монгольском яз. (.pdf)