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Post-Doc: Mobility, Empire and Cross-Cultural Contacts in Mongol Eurasia

The European Research Council (ERC) project Mobility, Empire and Cross-Cultural Contacts in Mongol Eurasia at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem under the direction of Professor Michal Biran is offering up to 2 Post-Doctoral scholarships beginning in the 2014-2015 academic year. Scholars who have received their Ph.D. after October 1 st 2008 and no later than August 1st 2014 are eligible to apply.

The successful candidates will spend one academic year in Jerusalem (with a possibility of extension to two or more years). They will take part in a group enterprise of creating a prosopographical database for people active under Mongol rule, and can use the accumulated database for their own research. Fellows will receive a monthly stipend of approximately 10,000 NIS and will be given offices at the Hebrew University (Mount Scopus campus). They will participate in the project’s seminar and its other activities and are expected to produce a project-related article(s) or monograph.

The required criteria for submitting candidacy for the fellowships:

Proven academic excellence.
Sound knowledge of at least one of the following classical languages: Arabic, Persian and/or Chinese. Knowledge of Russian is also an advantage.
Sound knowledge of the history of the Mongol Empire.

Interested individuals are requested to send 1 copy of the following documents as well as an electronic version (in one file):

Curriculum vitae (including language proficiency)
Transcript of grades
Abstract of the PhD dissertation
Letters of evaluation of the PhD dissertation (if available)
A document describing the research program (up to 500 words)
Two letters of recommendation to be sent directly to the project’s coordinator at and
A writing sample: PhD chapter or a paper that has been accepted for publication.

Please send materials in hard copy to:

Professor Michal Biran
Institute of Asian and African Studies
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mt. Scopus, 91905

and electronically in one file to: and

by February 3rd, 2014

For additional information about the project see

In special cases the fellowship can begin before October 2014. Please contact the organizers before the deadline if this is applicable for you.

Candidates are also encouraged to apply for the Hebrew University’s Lady Davis fellowships (Deadline 31/12/2013).

For more details see

Please contact the organizers before December 20th if this is applicable for you.

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