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Announcement of the 2013-2014 academition Ts.Damdinsuren, Sh.Luvsanvandan, And B.Rinchin Scholarship Programs For International Doctoral And Postdoctoral Researchers In Mongolian Studies Sponsored By The National University Of Mongolia.

We are now accepting applications for the 2013-2014 Ts.Damdinsuren, Sh.Luvsanvandan,and B.Rinchin scholarship programs for international doctoral and postdoctoralresearchers.The main objective of these scholarships is to support young foreign scholars who are specializing in one of the fields of Mongolian Studies, by providing them withopportunities for advanced training and practice.

The Scholarship Programs include:

  • The Ts.Damdinsuren Scholarship — For scholars whose research focuses on Mongolian literature and history.
  • The Sh.Luvsanvandan Scholarship — For scholars whose research focuses on the Mongolian language, the Mongolian script and Altaic studies.
  • The B.Rinchin Scholarship — For scholars whose research focuses on Mongolian tradition and culture, ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Application Criteria and Details:
International students who are under the age of 40 and are pursuing a degree in an area related to Mongolian Studies, at the Ph.D. level, or who are interested in pursuing post-doctorate research. The Scholarship awardee must be able to begin their research on September 1, 2013 and conduct their research in Mongolia for a period of 3-6 months. The applicant can choose the length of study.

Completed applications must be sent to by July 5, 2013.

Application Documents Required:

  • a. Curriculum Vitae, including list of research projects undertaken
  • b. Which Scholarship you are applying for
  • c. Letter of Intent which includes: the name of the supervisor you plan to work with at the National University of Mongolia; the Department in which you would like tostudy; and the objective and scope of your studiesd. Proof of health insurance (or is this supposed to be about the HIV test? If so, just copy the other one)
  • e. Application fee 150.00 USD

Scholarship Terms and Conditions:
The Scholarship recipient shall:

  • Work closely with the NUM professor who has agreed to supervise the research
  • Live in the NUM International Student dormitory free of charge.
  • Receive a monthly allowance equivalent to a NUM Lecturer’s salary (approximately 700,000 MNT/month) depending on his/her degree.
  • Receive a one-time payment of 350,000 MNT for use of archival materials, book purchases, publication costs, and other research expenses.
  • Funds of up to 400,000 MNT are available, on a competitive basis, for Scholarship
  • awardees to attend an international meeting to present the results of the researchconducted as part of this program.

The role and duties of the Scholarship recipient:
During their stay, scholarship awardees must present a seminar on the topic of their research

Scholarship awardees must prepare a paper for publication in a journal of their choosing.
The recipient shall abide by NUM rules and regulations during the period of  research


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