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Стипендии на обучение монгольскому языку в Улан-Баторе

2012-2013 Scholarships for Mongolian Language Training

Sponsored by National University of Mongolia

The National University of Mongolia (NUM) is accepting applications for one-year, Mongolian language training Scholarships to begin in the Fall2012 semester. The purpose of this Scholarship is to support foreign students who want to study the Mongolian language, and to encourage young Mongoliststo further their studies.

This annual Scholarship will be awarded to1-2 foreign students for study during the academic year.

Terms and Conditions

Tuition fee ($2,600)will be paid by the Scholarship
Student residence fee ($400) will be paid by the Scholarship
Student will receive monthly stipend of 300,000₮
Duration: September 1, 2012 – June 10, 2013
In the case whereScholarship awardees decide not to live in the international student dormitory, they must pay for their own living accommodation.
Scholarship Awardees must provide for their own health insurance and round trip international airfare.

Admissions Requirements

Candidates must know Mongolian at the elementary level
Candidates must not be a recipient of any other Mongolian scholarship
Candidates must be undergraduate students in their junior or senior year,in a Department of Asian, Oriental, or Mongolian Studies at a foreign university
Foreigners who live in Mongolia are not eligible to apply for a Scholarship


Applicants must send the following materials to by July 6, 2012:

Statement of current academic program of study (in English)
Statement of purpose in English or Mongolian (word limit: 700)
Application fee – $150
Copy of passport
Head shot photo-2 copies(3”x4”)
Two recommendation letters (in English)

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